Friday, February 4, 2011

Sleeping with the Psalms

The book I find myself turning the most these days is the Psalms.

Last night I set my cd player to continuous play of someone reading the Psalms.

I love David.

He is so real with his feelings.

If He has been awake and crying all night, he says it.

If He is having a great day loving the Lord, he puts it out there.

If He is confused and wondering where God is, he asks Him.

If He is having a thoroughly rotten day, well... he doesn't hide it.

David and I haven't gone through the same things, but the feelings and emotions are the same.

I lay there, and instead of thinking of not falling asleep, or thinking about being uncomfortable, I listened to someone else voice my feelings, and hearing God's answers to them.

I was asleep before the cd started over again.

I'm not sure how many times it went through it before I woke up again, but the point is I slept.

And when I wasn't sleeping, instead of fretting about that, I listened.

I'm praying that this will help.

What I do know, is that it will help my relationship with God.

Last night I realized again that life is never perfect like we want it to be.

But that's ok.

What matters is that Jesus has saved me.

Life here is short - even if I live to be 100.

Eternity is forever and my relationship with my savior is what matters the most.

Way more than aching joints and sleepless nights.

I may never sleep well here. (I pray that isn't the case)

But it's ok because I've put in a request for heaven.

I know you don't get tired there, but I'm asking that for at least a couple of days He will let me just sleep. :-)

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Mandi said...

Good post, Rebecca! I'm kinda motivated to find some cd of the psalms like you have... what a great idea! I've been having horrible dreams lately and someone recommended that I read them prior to going to bed -but, sitting and letting them soak in audibly might be better.

By the way, your boots were SO cute last time I saw you! :)