Friday, February 25, 2011

If He can do it, so can I!

If I have said that once, I've said it a thousand times the last couple of days.

It's amazing how an uncle who is a good two hours away can feel like he is right next to you.

Uncle Bob is my favorite uncle on my mother's side - he's the only uncle on my mother's side, but if not, I'm sure he would still be my favorite! :-)

He has faithfully read my blog for some time now - telling me that it is the only blog he ever reads.

Not only has this made me feel very loved, but I feel guilty if I don't post for say like, ummm, eight days like I managed to do last week.

But now I think of him for a new reason.

We can relate in having to gain weight.

Last night I looked balefully at a glass that held a 1/4 cup of nuts.

They were what was remaining of my cup and a half for the day.

May I just say that currently nuts are the bane of my existence?

I used to love nuts.

A few walnuts were an absolute treat.

Pecans, yummy.


If I never see another nut after I put on this weight it will be too soon.

But... a cup and a half of nuts or seeds has 1060 calories in it.

That is a whoppin' amount, and I need whoppin' amounts.

So..... I eyed, and eyed, and eyed those remaining nuts.

Repeating in my head, "If he can do it, I can do it. If he can do it, I can do it."

I thought of my uncle, sick, skinny (He was 15 and 98 pounds - I got straightened out on the facts today) in a hospital bed, forced to wake up and eat every two hours.

I don't have to be awakened to eat at night. I just had to get these nuts down.

Somehow they disappeared and those calories hopefully are turning into fat cells.

Now I have two new sayings. "If he can do it, I can do it," and "With God all things are possible."

Three thousand calories today.

My mom is a drill sergeant, which is exactly what I need.

Give me a month and I'll be almost as good as new. :-)

Thanks, Uncle Bob, for being an encouragement to me.

Thanks everyone for praying - I'm still enjoying my chocolate milk and so far so good! (It almost, almost not quite, makes up for the nuts)

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MommaMindy said...

I love how your family is rallying around you at this time. It would be so hard to go through this alone. Still praying, sister!