Thursday, February 24, 2011

Konversations with Karis

Yesterday we were driving up to the farm and all was quiet in the car.

That is a rarity. Usually I can't hear myself think.

Taking advantage of this moment, I was thinking random thoughts which have since escaped my mind, not hard these days. :-)

Karis and Gabi were singing to themselves and looking out the windows.

"Look, Mom!" Karis said.

I looked. Everything seemed normal to me. Same buildings, same signs.

What had caught her eye? An animal? A plane? Some building?

"It's a murmur diphthong."

Oh heaven help me, I thought before I said, "Um.... what's a murmur diphthong, again?"

"You know Mom, er. Er, er, er, er, er..... like a rooster."

"Oh yeah..." I so didn't remember that.

She went on to have this long conversation about the different murmur diphthongs she is learning.

As I listened to her chatter my mental conversation went something like this,

I have to get better soon to keep up with this girl.

It looks like I'm going to brush up on phonics whether I want to, or not.

I wonder how many other people have conversations about murmur diphthongs on random car rides?

What am I going to do when Gabi starts spouting this stuff out, too?

Oh dear..... :-)


abby said...

I love those two... You too.. I have to admit, though, that I've joined the few who begin to wonder after you haven't posted for more than lets see... Eight days!! Good thing I have mom.:-)

Andy and Jennifer said...

Maybe you'll get a limo with a glass divider! Kids get smarter than their parents so quickly!