Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shopping can be a spiritual gift

There is a precious lady at our church who has the spiritual gift of shopping.

I know that sounds a little funny... I mean, don't all of us women have the gift of shopping?

But seriously, she does.

God has given her a talent for finding deals and using it for others.

In the past I know she has opened up her "basement store" for missionaries.

A couple of months ago, she asked us if there was anything we needed.

I ran into her at church and mentioned that the girls needed new toothbrushes.

I could see her mentally running through what she had...

Toothbrushes for little girls?

Of course.

Today my dad transferred the "toothbrushes" from their car to ours.

I smiled as I quickly glanced through the bags.

The girls will love their pink princess toothbrushes.

Dustin and I will enjoy the toothbrushes she gave us, as well as the razors, the toilet paper, the paper towels, the zip lock bags, tin foil, tissues, and the list goes on.

What a blessing to be a part of a church family that is so willing to share their gifts.

God has been faithful to meet every need we have.

Even with toothbrushes.

PS... I've gained the two pounds back plus another one!


MommaMindy said...

I do believe shopping is a gift that can be used for the Lord. Some use it for themselves, others use it for others. I love the tesimony of giving your friend has.

I also love it that when she asked if you needed something, you gave her an honest answer. Sometimes givers are thwarted because people are too proud to be receivers. This way, both parties are blessed!

Jessica said...

Isn't she the best! New toothbrushes are a big deal around here too :)

WooHoo on the weight gain! So proud of you Becca! Will continue praying from down the street.


Teresa :-) said...

What a blessing the gift of toiletries can be! She blesses us a time or two and we were so thankful! I'm so thankful God is giving you "little blessings" throughout your battle. Love you!

MommaMindy said...

Not sure if you have ever read this poem about A Cracked Pot, or if you posted it and I it on this blog this morning.

Praying for you!