Saturday, August 21, 2010

You cannot serve two masters...

While this is indeed true in the spiritual world, i.e. "You cannot serve both God and money..." it is also true in the confusing maze of health.

When I discovered just how serious my tumor was I latched on to what my nutritionist said and followed every instruction.

Then I saw my chiropractor. And while they pretty much matched up on what they wanted me to eat, He had a few variations. I could have some dairy. Some fruit. And a couple sweetened drinks.

Then the acupuncturist told me to eat any and all fruit as long as it was grown around here. Some dairy. But otherwise much the same as the other two.

So what did I do? I tried a little of all three, trying to stick to some form of something, and often failing miserably.

In it, I learned a valuable lesson. It took me a few months, but I think I'll be the better for it.

"You have to choose one and stick with it."

Pretty profound, huh? :-)

I was getting the most results eating wise with my nutritionist. As much as it pains me to once again take fruit and dairy completely out of my diet, I'm doing it.

God obviously led me to her without a shadow of a doubt, but fruit was such a kicker for me.

I love fruit.

In the summer I could gorge on peaches, strawberries, nectarines, plums, you name it. I don't think there is a fruit I don't like.

That is why it was so tempting to listen to someone else, that and dairy.

Who doesn't love cheese?

She warned me that dairy is horrible for my lung as it causes mucus. After the cold problems I've had the last few weeks I believe her.

My new plan is this:

My nutritionist controls my diet, period.

My chiropractor adjusts me and gives me the treatments like the nebulizer, which has worked really well to get stubborn mucus up, and prescribe fun little things like French Green Clay and Tea Tree Oil. Did you know that Doctors use Green Clay to pull the shards of glass out of accident victims? I didn't know this. It is put on and as it dries it actually can pull glass and metal out of your skin. I'm using it to hopefully pull out some unwanted toxins from my liver and lung.

My acupuncturist gets to give me a few herbs and help with the circulation and pain management.

My oncologists job is to watch me and see how the above three are doing. :-)

Each of them are great in their respective fields, but confusing when you try to combine everything.

The things I have to learn these days. :-)

So, for whatever it is worth, my advice to one and to all is to find a plan and stick with it.

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