Thursday, August 19, 2010

She forced me!

See this adorable little munchkin? The potty chair, the underwear, the whole training bit...

Not my idea.


Yesterday she pulled her diaper off and put some underwear on.

I wasn't ready to tackle it yesterday.

Frankly, I'm not ready to do it today.

It was a relief to put her back in a diaper for a nap.

But obviously, it is time.

Beyond time.

Way beyond time to potty train Gabi.

She has done quite well for the first morning.

A few accidents, but just as many times going on the potty chair.

I'm praying that the Lord will be merciful to me and let this whole training thing go quickly.

I didn't do all that much more than watch her drink and watch Pooh's Great Adventure, occasionally doling out the deserved M&M's she earned by tinkling.

I know in a month I'll probably look back and wonder why it overwhelmed me, but for the moment I could use your prayers. :-)

Life happens whether I'm sick or not, and my precious little girl wants to learn to go potty like the big girl she is.

I'm confident that God will see us through this, as well. Thankfully He is interested in everything, including how many times my girlie went tinkle in the potty chair today.

I'll bet He enjoyed her ecstatically proud face every bit as much as I did. :-)


Teresa :-) said...

Yea Gabi!!! What a big girl!! Give her a big hug for me!!

Jayne Stark said...

Why will Emma not do this for me?! Go Gabi girl, and
Mommy too!

Rosanne said...

Hope she catches on quickly - my boys took forever! Girls are supposed to be a little quicker with that than boys - let's hope that's true for Gabi! :)