Thursday, July 22, 2010

She insisted!

A few days before Karis turned five I started telling her that I had decided she had to stay four.

She would giggle, look at me funny, start to get a little concerned, and say,

"Mom, you can't do that??"

I think I almost had her convinced that I had somehow worked it out with God to keep her four for another year.

It was starting to bother her until she came up with a solution that she was positive mom couldn't get around.

The next night before she went to bed she told me with absolute confidence,

"Mom, I have to turn five. There is something in my brain that turns me five on my birthday."

Since she clearly couldn't be convinced to stay four, I told her I would let her turn five if my new five year old would give me as many kisses as my four year old did.

Of course she smothered me in kisses and insisted that even being a big five year old wouldn't change that.

I resigned myself, but a small part of me wishes I could keep her four.

The big day came... whether I wanted it too, or not, and I had a very excited little girl on my hands.

Auntie Christie is working here for a month, so she helped an unprepared mommy make cupcakes for dessert.
Karis didn't mind my being behind in the least. She was personally in charge of the sprinkles.
Doing what I do best these days. Praise the Lord for a family who will carry on when I need to put my feet up.
It rained the whole day, but that couldn't stop the games from continuing on. I may even venture to say that they had more fun. :-)
Pinata time! She picked it out herself.
As you can tell by the look on her face, it was a little harder to break than anticipated. We figured out why, at the end. The thing was made out of cardboard. You needed a knife just to get into the thing. Oh well, the candy inside was still good:-)
I still can't believe I'm the mom of a five year old.

Dustin's Grandma, Grandma Karen, called me up out of the blue and told me she would love to host the family party for Karis.

I was thrilled! This meant that I didn't have to clean my house for a party. Stress out about it the day of, or worry about not feeling good.

What a lifesaver and precious person she is! Thank you Grandma Karen!
Gabi enjoying her cousin Madaline at Grandma's. I think she loves the fact that she is bigger than her.
Auntie Amber.
This look was pretty much on her face the whole day. Thank you everyone for making it a wonderful party. She has enjoyed her presents thoroughly! Every one of them!
Grandma Karen saved the day yet again by producing this amazing ballerina cake. I was almost too cute to eat.
Thanks again everyone for making my five year old have two wonderful parties! Family is such a blessing!

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