Saturday, July 3, 2010

Changing the focus.

After one more close, close up we checked the picture and discovered our mistake. What on earth did we do before digital? Imagine our disappointment after developing the film and discovering that I had only gotten me?

Actually, let's imagine the trouble I would be in. After all, these photo shoots only come along once every other year.

Praise the Lord for digital!
All that comes to mind when I look at this is:

1. Popeye and his ginormous arms.

2. Wishing I really had half the muscle this picture makes me look like I have.

3. The thought that maybe I should be doing pushups or something so that I could get a little bit of that muscle the camera gave me into my arms.

4. How horrified I would be if my forearms really bulged like that.

5. There might be a little bit of talent to taking self photos.

6. I may not have that talent. :-(
Apparently fourth time is the charm for me. You can see ALL our faces and no awkward arms.

Allison and Jess? You get to fight over who takes the self photos next time.

I think I'm resigning.
This is more my cup of tea. Plus, you guys make a good shot easy to take. :-)

PS I can't get the "surrendering all to Him" part of the song I shared last time out of my head. I'm sure you will be hearing more about that in the future. Just a heads up. :-)


MommaMindy said...

You are all so beautiful and I love your friendship. What a source of comfort and help you have been for one another through the years.

jess said...

I am stuck on bandaids cause' bandaids stick on me.
You don't like my singing?
Sorry, I meant I'm stuck on you too.

beccarankin said...

Silly girl! I'm kind of stuck on you, too!

Chad said...

I prefer superglue to bandaids, it sticks better. Love being stuck to you guys.