Friday, July 16, 2010

Just sitting here a moldering:-)

At my first visit to Chicago I was informed that I had a mold problem.

I guess you can pick up mold in your system from anywhere you stay a week or more.

It wasn't that big of deal.

Mold, apparently, is easy to get out of your system.

I took my dose of mold killer, aka Cream of Tarter.

That stuff is nasty to swallow, however, if you are going to have a colonoscopy anytime soon, 5 tsp. of cream of tarter does the same thing as the entire gallon of whatever it is they make you take.

Honest engine.

And though it tastes just as bad, you only have to drink about 10 oz. of it rather than the 64.

Plus it is way cheaper.

Anyway, it killed my mold.

I wish mold was my main problem because then this would all be over with.

Alas, it isn't.

Anyway, last time I went he found mold returning in my head.

Which means I was probably breathing it somewhere in my environment.

We had the mold guy over with fear and trepidation. Mold is an expensive problem to get rid of.

Why I even doubted my chiropractor, I don't know.

Somehow He seems to know everything.

Not to be irreverent, at all, but this doctor has given me a little clearer picture of the reality that God knows everything about me. EVERYTHING. Things I don't want known, He sees.

My bad moments.

All seen.

My scared moments.

He's there.

Just like this chiropractor, who has never been to my house, or my state for all I know, could tell me that I probably have a mold problem.

Sure enough.

Our laundry room has mold.

We missed taking out that drywall after the basement flooded last summer.

Now we are going to pay for it.

I've done my Cream of Tarter again, so I should be mold free for the moment, however, could you pray we find the best solution for getting rid of the laundry room mold?

Believe me, if I could I would be force feeding it Cream of Tarter.

If I have to suffer through that because of it, then the least it could do would be to join me. ;-)

Unfortunately it isn't as simple as that, or just cutting out the drywall, although we will do that.

We want to get rid of it, a.s.a.p., however, we don't want to go into debt doing it. You want to know something? I hate money. I hate the fact that I'm sick and we have to use money on pills, doctors not covered by our insurance, etc. I hate spending money on mold instead of a cruise. :-)

However, I love that God always provides. He has been so faithful, and He is teaching me to trust Him in the provision department.

I'm a worrier, as one doctor just told me by looking at my tongue. I know that sounds weird, but you know what? I'm beginning to not be phased by weirdness in doctors. The weirder they are the more they seem to help me.

Besides, he was right. I am a worrier.

My prayer is that God will take my worries today and everyday.

He can handle them so much better than I can.

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