Sunday, April 26, 2009

You have to laugh...

This morning I read Hab. 3:17-18. The general gist is that "disappointment is inevitable, but discouragement is a choice." Only God could know how much I needed to read that in His Word. I now know that we will not have enough wood... actually ok by me. I've come to grips with it.  We had a college student graciously volunteer to come help us. Unfortunately he was unaware of the hole in our floor due to where the stairs will be put. It was covered by the floor paper and he went seat first through our ceiling in the basement. I will post a picture later. I wanted to cry, but it could have been so much worse. He didn't fall all the way through and the gas line didn't break. One more thing to fix, but on the bright side the floor looks better and better. One of the knot holes looks like the head of duck. Just a random fact. I'll post pictures later, but it looks like beautiful hickory, not at all like birch, good thing I like it, cause it isn't what I thought I'd be getting. Does that surprise you at all by this point? Not really. I'm just waiting to go pick up my couch and finding out that it is pea green. :-) So, I'm choosing not to be discourage, but to rejoice that we have this great house that keeps us warm and dry in the current torrential rainstorm. :-)

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