Sunday, April 26, 2009

The saga continues...

This morning my prayer is that we have enough wood to finish our floor. Lumber Liquidators was misleading on their utility grade. They said to get 10% extra, but I think we needed more like 30% extra. :-) I LOVE my floor, the part that is done, but I'm not sure the second 1/2 is going to get finished today. 

On the bright side our neighbor lent us his expert advice and also a lot of his tools. We had the basics that we needed, but he gave us the things that make it a lot easier. Nice. I'm hoping he comes today and finishes our steps. The two things I'm looking forward to the most with having this over is stairs and soft chairs and couches to sit on. I miss them SO much!

Doing this project makes me wonder how people survive in conditions like this and much much worse everyday of their lives. I still have running water, a comfy bed, heat if I need it. I can take a shower, cook on a stove (though that may be gone today:-) and on and on.... I keep reminding myself of this as I get discouraged. And I also remind myself that this is just remodeling. It invariably takes longer than you think. I know it will be beautiful when we are done, though. 
I feel the worse for my girls, though. Their lives are in an upheaval and will be until this is done. Good thing kiddos are adaptable. 

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