Sunday, April 5, 2009


                                              I actually cleaned out my toy box from all the 
                                              junk that had gone in there while trying to sell
                                              the house. Now it really is a toy box and the 
                                              girls are thrilled! The boxes beside it are to 
                                              keep people from falling off the ledge until
                                              the new stairs are built. What a mess!
This beautiful picture was a birthday gift from Noelle. I know. I am very lucky to have her. The colors are the ones I want in my kitchen when it is done. Doesn't it just make you want to take a walk there? The group of four people is my family. Although, in that setting I think it would be very romantic for it to just be the two of us. So I guess I can pretend both, eh?
No, I assure you, she isn't really sick. This is what cutting your eye teeth does to you so I wouldn't recommend it. I felt so bad for her. You know she is miserable if she is just laying there. She is better now, though those buggers just won't poke all the way through. I can see them, but my wishing isn't making them move any faster. 
The funny thing is, Daddy saw the permanent marker on the floor by his desk before it became used as body paint. Oops. He had to learn, like mommy, the hard way that what could potentially be a disaster probably will be in this house. :-)
When mommy sells all the furniture, including the kitchen table, you get to eat off of cool stuff like this. :-) And she doesn't even care if we spill on the carpet!

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