Sunday, April 19, 2009

Karis has a prince.

Today I went to a bridal shower at the Bair house. The Male portion of the Bairs came over to our house. I came home to find the husbands in front of the computer, Jackson on his little "game boy" or whatever it is :-). Karis and Owen all snuggled up under this blanket, heads on a pillow, mesmorized by Nathaniel who was performing acrobatics on our jungle gym. I peek in and Karis looks up at me with a grin. "We are watching a show, mommy." 
I found their pose even more amusing because yesterday before Karis and I went to a wedding we had this conversation. 
"You can't wear those cinderella shoes, Karis. What if Owen is there and you have to run around. You will fall out of them."

"Owen will be there?" 

"Well, maybe." 

"Mommy, can I marry Owen?"(hmm... what to say.)

"Maybe later when you grow up." 

"But I want to marry him."


"Because he is my prince." (awww..") 
So that is why this picture amused me. We need to inform Owen that you never get into bed with your princess until after the wedding. 

This conversation also explains why when she woke up this morning she says in a very disappointed voice.

"Mommy, I was supposed to stretch while I slept so I could marry a prince. But it didn't work." 
(She really expected it to work.)
I really need to get her over this obsession. I'm a little worried. Here I am her mother who hadn't even really thought about what I wanted in a wedding until I had to and I get Karis for a daughter. :-)
I about panicked when I knocked out the first tile and the dry wall came with it. Aaron calmly told me that it would be ok, actually easier. So, now my backsplash matches the rest of my kitchen/living room. Torn up and icky.
Monday is the big tear out day, tuesday or wednesday I get new countertops, sink, and island. And Saturday the floor goes in. Yes!
But Daddy, the car really did roll under there. See? I know you can get it. :-) Daddy's are so good at these things. Mommy didn't even try, just said to wait until we moved the stove. 


MommaMindy said...

We have learned that after being raised with wonderful sons of our best friends, our daughters consider them such friends, they could never consider them as a spouse. When I suggested a few families that the kids wouldn't even have to ask permission to marry into, one of my kids said with disgust, "EEWW, gross, Mom, that would be like marrying a cousin!" Hope it works out better for your girls!

jess said...

Austin's Jealous!:)