Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From the mouth of babes

I was talking to Dustin on the phone this evening when I heard this scream from the living room. Karis comes running to me, tears rolling down her cheeks, loudly crying. Gabi is calmly sitting on our beanbag, looking at us. 

"She bit me, mommy." 

"Oh, honey, I'm sorry. Where?"  Karis points to her shoulder, still crying. 

"Mommy, lets tell God to take her back. I don't want her anymore because she bites me." 

I had a hard time keeping a straight face. Thankfully her face was buried into my shoulder so I had time to compose myself and try to think of a way to explain why that wasn't a good idea. 

I asked her if she had ever bitten mommy.


"Called me names?"


"Hit me?"


"Do you want mommy to give you back?" 


After I assured her I would never want to give her back, despite the abuse I suffer :-) we finally came to the realization that we had better keep Gabi around after all. 

It also turns out that the only reason my youngest was so ferocious was because she was getting squashed by her older sister. It was self defense, but that was yet another long conversation that I won't burden you with. :-)

Gabi is starting to say words. I feel like she is a little late because Karis seemed to be saying a lot more right now. Da Da was her first, of course. But Ma Ma was not her second. Her second and third words were yellow and blue.  And they come out sounding like wewwow and buu. I thought I was hearing things, but she has said the same thing for several months now. Mommy is now in her vocab, as well as shhhh and weee.....  I love watching them learn and grow. 


Allison said...

That is too cute. You gotta laugh at what they will say.

Rosanne said...

Kids say the funniest things! I starting writing them down a while back, but I haven't kept up on it at all. It's too bad cause I know I'll never remember all the funny things they say!

jess said...

Sorry I've missed you the last few times. It's been nuts around here, and life without long distance ability really bites. I hope Jared sees his wife's dibilitating situation and gets her a new phone. I can't take it anymore. It would be nice to talk inbetween vomiting sessions.