Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We have adopted

While we were at the lake this weekend Karis, ever curious, went up to a family by the shore and asked them what they were doing.

After all, they had a big white bucket and were bending down in the water putting something in it. Too much for my curious little girl to resist.

It turned out that they were collecting tadpoles. Karis dove right in and helped. It was funny because they had a six year old boy with them who wouldn't touch them, and here was my little "princess" chucking them in with the best of them.

Well, my mom thought it would be a great science project to take them home and watch them turn into frogs.

Notice it was me taking them home, not her.

We looked everywhere for a container. None to be found. I was secretly relieved, but don't tell anyone.

Did I really want tadpoles in my house?



to my horror, I remembered there was a plastic container out on the dock.

How did I know this? My daughter tried to eat the remaining walmart chicken nuggets out of it the other day before I made her spit it out.

I ran down to the end of the dock. Yes, ran. Why I'm not sure, but who can resist their pleading four year old? Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, it was still there. I grabbed it, emptied it out, rinsed it, and told Karis she could take four tadpoles home.

Somehow four turned into five....

And now, look for yourself.

We went out, bought a fish tank, some food...

I'm not sure what I think of this as a decoration for my kitchen, and I'm told we now need a bubbler for their oxygen. Really? I have to buy these tadpoles more stuff?

Not to mention the heebie jeebies I get when Karis walks down the stairs saying, "Mommy, look, he doesn't even try to get out of my hand". Maybe we should go with a puppy after all.

Oh, and did I mention that my mom caught a Praying Mantis yesterday and thinks we should add it to our collection??

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jess said...

Make sure the tent is zipped and tied! Karis tends to open critters late at night. Ha! :)