Friday, September 25, 2009

Pinch me

I always said I would never start a child of mine on the violin before six, or at the very least five.

I didn't count on Karis.

For about a year she begged and begged for me to start her. Crying after other students lessons because she didn't have a violin.

I kept putting her off. I knew how hard it would be to teach one of my own.

I was right.

But it is so worth it to see the smile on her face and the delight in her eyes as she realizes she is learning to PLAY!

One thing I didn't count on is the special joy I get when she figures something out, or does something well. I'm satisfied as a teacher, but I'm ecstatic as a mom. I told her today that the best thing about teaching her was that I got to hug her when she did something well. Our lesson today had to be one of the most precious ones yet. I mean look at her!

There just isn't anything cuter than this. :-) I could eat her up.
Honestly, not bad form, considering I am hard put to get her to practice more than five minutes at a time. :-) It is a lesson for me. I'm not just her teacher, I'm her mom. A mom who needs to let her goof off and be imperfect. A hard line to draw, but so far with good results. She doesn't hate it yet, and I am enjoying teaching her.

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You really should live closer you know.