Thursday, March 5, 2009

To knock out or not to knock out

I am all set this saturday to have the walls torn out, the floors ripped up, and the process of remodel begun, but..... then you hear all about our lovely economy... Blast! I was trying to ignore that and go on blissfully as I had been.... my head somewhat in the sand. I'm still fighting that feeling. I'd so much rather spend our tax return on new cupboards and countertops along with a new floor. But... the practical side of me says it would be much better just to put that in savings.
:-) So, now the question remains, will the practical side win out or can I just bury my head in the sand again and get a new kitchen? :-) I mean, everyone could be wrong, right? Maybe the experts don't know what they are talking about and Oboma could, just this once ,be right. A little recession and then everything will turn around, not the next Great Depression.  Hummm..... I have to say I'm leaning towards believing the experts, but still.... according to Oboma I can have a new kitchen, so...  forget those experts, I'm thinking new kitchen, but ask me again tomorrow. :-)

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Allison said...

So....what did you decide? I think you should remodel so that you can truly understand and empathize with Jess. That's what friends do right?