Friday, March 13, 2009

Husbands are wonderful!

I have so much to write, I don't know where to start. First, as you can see by my title, I think Dustin is wonderful. He confirms it in so many ways. A couple of days ago he was rushing out the door, off to study, or something. I handed him a couple of things and he was gone. This is a perfectly normal routine for us and after i closed the door I went about cleaning the kitchen while the girls kept playing. A couple of minutes later he walked back in the door - something else that happens fairly regularly because in the rush we forget something - and I asked him what he forgot.  His answer was to give me a huge hug and kiss. "Just this. I forgot to say goodbye to my girls." It was ones of those "awww..." moments. :-) He may be super busy this year, the he is always showing in a thousand little ways how much he loves us.  

I turned thirty one today. Teresa was gracious enough to watch my girls for a few hours while I went furniture shopping. Dustin laughs at me because in my haste to get ready for our remodel I sold our couches. Usually with age comes wisdom, but, sadly my eagerness got a little ahead of my sense. Yes, they are gone. I watched the last one leave on Saturday - not realizing how much we actually use our couches until they were gone. Now we have a large beanbag and our recliner. Praise the Lord for that! But, my husband doesn't much like sitting on a bean bag, imagine that:-) And of course the recliner is mine. I'm going to take him to see my finds today. Hopefully I'll be able to convince him that I need a very big, leather, birthday present:-) 

Well, a baby, who is currently crying at my feet like her world is ending needs my attention. More later!


Rosanne said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you get those couches - what a great birthday gift :o)

jess said...

My birthday is in a couple of months. I think I want those too.

Allison said...

I wondered why you sold your couches so fast. But I had to laugh when you said that you miss them now. Anyway, you'll be glad you sold the other ones and replaced them with leather. It's worth the extra money.