Friday, March 20, 2009

The point of no return...

I was cleaning up after the guys and the song from Phantom of the Opera kept ringing in my ears. "You have reached the point of no return....." A little scary, a little crazy, but I am excited. I love already that I can stand in the kitchen and see Dustin in the living room. I also love that no longer will Karis be able to sneak something from the fridge when I am sitting in the living room. :-) Poor soul. 

The guys got both walls knocked out in about four hours. I was so proud of them. Now we just have to paint walls, paint cupboards, (I'm doing them black by the way. Sounds weird, but I got my inspiration from Check her out and you won't think I'm so crazy.) And put in the wood floors. I'm holding onto the fact that it will look great in the end. Right now with the nails sticking out of the ceiling, and having to turn off the light with a broom handle because the switch is eight feet in the air makes me feel like it will never be done. But I know it will. I'll keep you posted. 

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