Friday, August 28, 2009

When you are four...

....and you decide that you can't wait for your honeymoon, your mom will be asking you questions, as this mom did when those exact words came out of her four year olds mouth.
"I can't wait for my honeymoon, mom." Sigh... as if it is just around the corner for her.

"Oh," I said, "And what will you be doing on your honeymoon?" (this should be interesting.)

No hesitiation, "We'll go camping, and fishing, and camping, and butterfly netting, and hiking, you know mom."
I guess she told me. We'll see if this is the same itinerary she will have twenty some years from now.

The parasite meds have been easier this time around. I am almost done with round two. Four or five more days, I believe.

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MommaMindy said...

While staying with friends, Grace actually ended up going on a honeymoon. Good thing she was only three and it was only in a Little Tykes car. They went duck hunting and Toys R Us. I agree, they'll probably change itinerary for the realy honeymoon.