Thursday, August 20, 2009

He is here!

Seven pounds two ounces
Eleven days early

The girls adore their new cousin. It took Karis forever to remember his name, but she loves holding him, and he is now one of the highlights of going up to Grandma's house.
Proud mommy making sure Kalvyn isn't squished. Although, Gabi is the one we really have to watch out for. She LOVES babies and gentleness isn't a strong point of hers quite yet.
This is what happens when both mommies are inside packing and they are left to their own devices. It was sure fun, though, and Karis is going to miss her friend. Her latest solution to Owen moving to Brazil went like this.
"Mommy, I have an idea."
"What's that?"
"I'll move to Brazil with Owen and Jackson and Nathaniel."
"Oh, well won't you miss mommy, daddy, and Gabi?"
"Oh, You will move there too."

And there you have it. Problem solved. If only things were as simple as they are to a four year old.
We chose one of the few hottest days to go to the zoo. Daddy forgot his shoes to change into for work, so when we delivered them we decided to spend a little time in the air conditioned parts of the zoo. The girls had other ideas and overall had a great time viewing every part of the zoo, but the drinks had to be the highlight.
Ta da! This little girl has developed quite the love for dresses in the last two months. If given the choice she would be in one all the time. It really is adorable to see her spin around and show daddy how pretty she looks. What a girl!

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MommaMindy said...

Beautiful baby! Which sister is the Mommy? Why are they moving to Brazil? :) I've lost track of your siblings.