Thursday, June 16, 2011

Figuring out blogging and being at my parents is a challenge.

Everything is going so well up here, though.

The girls are thriving on the stability and so am I.

In the past, Gabi has slept in Faith's bedroom in a pack n' play.

The other night, as she lay there all curled up, she said, "Auntie Faith? Could you stretch this out?"

Poor little thing can't even stretch her legs out in it. :-)

We brought up her crib mattress yesterday and tried an experiment last night.

Not only was she out of her pack n' play, but she and Karis moved into the same room.

It has always been the plan for them to share a room someday, so why not now?

Gabi was thrilled to see her bed ,and it actually went fairly smoothly.

Hopefully tonight will go just as well - they are exhausted - something that usually happens after a day on the farm or with friends.

The results from my blood work are back.

What's the verdict?

I'm a very sick girl. Surprise, surprise. :-)

My mom talked to the naturopath for the most part, but I was able to spend a few minutes so I could get a general idea of who I would be working with.

From our phone conversation I was very impressed.

He was professional, knowledgeable about my problems, and hopeful that by God's grace he will be able to help as long as I have some fight left in me.

I have fight, and a lot worth fighting for.

I have a few weeks to change some of my eating habits (don't worry, nothing that will make me lose even more weight) and then we are headed out to CO on July 6th for a week.

Would you pray that I will be able to prep my body for his treatments?

Pray also that I keep the fight going.

The truth is that it isn't easy on some days.

My muscles can get so sore that it is a challenge to sit up in bed after laying there for awhile. The benefits of those beds that sit up by themselves seem very appealing some days.

God always gives me the strength to get through the day, though, and I'm trusting Him to help me keep plodding along until we discover something that will change the direction I seem to be going.

Overall I am very encouraged by the path we are on and I covet your prayers each step of the way!

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Barbara said...

My name is Barbara and I began reading your blog many months ago when someone on another blog mentioned yours. My heart goes out to you and your family and I am praying that you will return to good health.
I came across the following article today (Cutting off cancer that can't be cut out) and I hope you will read it.
P.S. Has any oncologist mentioned radio frequency ablation to you?