Monday, November 2, 2009

Taking the time..

Yesterday we had to get out of the house because the floor was drying from my first protective coat. Yes, I finally got it done. You see, I got smart. I did it during nap time so that I still had energy. :-) Should have thought of that in the first place.

God blessed us with another perfect fall day, so it was actually a joy to get out of the house. We stopped at a park where Gabi got pushed down the slide (with a crash landing) by her older sister and knocked flat by someone on a swing she walked under. I had looked up for a split second to check on Karis and she ran right into the swings path. Not seriously hurt, but not a good day in Gabi land. :-) After the park we went to the lake and that was better.

The girls played and I took time to look at God's amazing creation - something I don't do often enough. Whenever I take the time I always am amazed by the time He took into making our world so beautiful... well, not that it took Him much time. :-) Right about now I'm wishing I had His abilities to speak and have everything come into being. My house would have been done six months ago. :-) Do you ever wonder how He picked the colors. Why blue for the sky and water? White for the clouds? Green for the grass and leaves, and then the various colors they change into? Boggles my mind, and that is just colors. We haven't touched people or animals. :-) Good thing we aren't God. Since I'm struggling with just decorating my little house I probably would have made the world all grey! Saves time. Then again, I suppose if you can just speak and it comes into being you have time to be creative. This boggles my mind as well. Anyway, that is why the picture of the sky. Isn't it beautiful?

Karis is drawing a map from the States to Brazil. That way we can find Owen when we go. It looked like a pretty short and easy trip by her calculations, so I'm thinking we may just make that trip tomorrow. :-)
Gabi is helping. Looks more like she is playing baseball to me. :-)
More of that beautiful creation.
I am staining the filling that I put into the holes in the wood so it looks like the other knots. Thankfully their weren't that many. I am a little tired of doing this floor so my patience for this last little bit isn't what it was for the main part. Almost done. I have two coats of protector on and two to go.

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Mandolin said...

Good thoughts...
time gets the best of me most days. But isn't it those days when we take control that feel the best?! Good reminder!