Thursday, November 12, 2009

I've been a little quite on the posting front because it has been a busy week of treatment, but also one that has been a little discouraging. Instead of getting better I was getting worse. Pain, not unlike what took me to the Dr. in the first place, was invading my body and making me want to rush to the nearest hospital and demand they pull my lung out. Not just 20%, the entire thing. Heck, take them both if it meant not having to deal with it any longer. I know, not rational, but I compare it to my state when I am in labor. I don't care how much I wanted to do it naturally, you give me that epidural, and you give it to me NOW! Either that or just put me out of my misery. Ok, so I wasn't in quite as much pain as the ending stages of labor, but it was getting close. If I hadn't thrown out my drugs I would have been downing them.


Today is a new day. I am prayerfully saying that God is doing a work and allowing this treatment to gradually do it's job in my body. The pain is next to nothing. I know getting rid of my wheeze and cough will be gradual, but my hopes are back in place. It worked once. Keep praying that not only will I have the same success again, but this time I can wipe it out. Or rather, God can wipe it out. :-) He has a way of getting our focus on Him, doesn't He? Even if it takes putting something pesky in our lung.

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