Friday, January 23, 2009

We officially pulled our house off the market today. I found out yesterday that the house we wanted sold. It was sad, but I think I had detached myself enough emotionally from the situation that I really think my realtor and family were more broken up then me. :-) God is so gracious because I don't think I would have felt that way a month ago. I went and looked at a couple more houses today, but nothing even comes close to the one we liked and they didn't have even as much space as we have right now. So... rather than prolong the agony of having to keep this house perfect we pulled the plug. I think the thought of having to clean my house to perfection yet another time speeded up the inevitable. I like my house and if I can't have the other one then I want to stay put. :-)  I'm already walking around thinking of what I'm going to do to change things here and there. Maybe even knock out a wall ---that  thought scares me a little.... ok, more than a little. We shall see. 

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