Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It has been one of those days. Overall a good one. I had brunch with the Pastor's wives, which was encouraging and fun. My Dr. appointment was ok, not as good as I had hoped. It appears that one of the growths in my lung is growing while the other two are maintaining or shrinking. I'm not so concerned about my health as I am about the decision that needs to be made. Do we do a needle biopsy, or do we wait another four months and have to do yet another CAT scan. I'd almost rather have the biopsy and avoid the dangers associated with the scan. The appointment left me more drained then I thought it would. I was reading shortly after that being "born again" a continual surge of God's power. No matter what the circumstance, no matter how overwhelmed, His power is there for us. I'm telling you, I need that power right now. I'm glad God can see the end of all of this. :-) It's a good place to rest.

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