Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pictures soon

I have taken pictures, but they are on my sisters camera. Just the fact that they are on another camera makes it too overwhelming to figure out how to download only a few and post them. I'll snap a few with mine today and try to get them on in the next few days. 

Where are we at? Still very much surviving. God is good. We still have some set backs - such as the fact that the rest of our wood came in for the floor, but.... oops, they accidently sent three inch, not four inch. I just had to laugh. Of course that would happen. What comforted me was the fact that God knew that the three inch ones were getting sent... it was in His plan, so I can rest in that. 

We still haven't decided on the basement. I'm leaning towards painting with huge rugs. The reason??? Even our neighbors who have a sump pump are having drain issues. I don't want to lay brand new carpet only to have more water when the city's drains are on overload. The good news is that we don't have to put a sump pump in, just try to stay on top of the drain. :-) 

Today is paint my kitchen day. I think. You never know with these things. I'm up early because everything that needed to be done is flooding my brain. Pay bills, sand down the cupboards, do I have enough rollers? exactly how much money do we have left for all of this? See, who can sleep? I know, don't worry. I'm really trying not to.

Oh, yeah. Health update. I went to my specialist on the 5th, and the news? After sitting in waiting rooms for around two hours I discovered to my relief that the growth in my lung hasn't grown. However, it hasn't shrunk, either. I have a needle biopsy on the 18th and then will probably go on antibiotics for six or so months after. Since he didn't even schedule a follow up after my biopsy I'm guessing that he is fairly certain we are dealing with a fungus. I am just so excited to have it GONE. Right now I have  perpetual cough that drives me crazy. But, seeing as that is my only symptom, I find myself grateful. What I'm dealing with is so little compared to others.


MommaMindy said...

Glad to hear the update this morning. I always found the hardest part of health situations is the unknown....the waiting....the waiting patiently. May the Lord continue to uphold you and bless you with His presence as you learn to suffer just for His glory! Of course, I am praying for your healing, but so thankful to see the trial having a perfecting work in your life. You are bringing the Lord much glory with your attitude. Praise Him!

Allison said...

Lots of craziness in your life. We will forgive you for not posting pictures yet :) I'm still praying for your health situation. I understand not feeling fully like yourself.